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When it comes to the Trailer Park BBQ, if you want to provide some food, here are some good options for Trailer Park Food (click on the names for links to the recipes).

Have your guests bring a dish to share that they think embodies the theme. Encourage them to look for recipes made with Velveeta, Cream of Anything Soup, Jello or Lipton Onion Soup.

  • Make it into a fun contest on the side, to see who can come up with the best Trailer Park concoction.
  • If your guests are having trouble thinking of dishes, refer them to the list above!

"Cakes" made from Ding Dongs, Twinkies, etc., Kitty Litter Cake and Fried Twinkies are just a few ideas...

  • Create planters/vases out old beer bottles or cans. Add water and some daisies.
    • If you can, pick dandelions the morning of for even more added affect.

  • Use garbage bags for table clothes

  • Have a bottle 6-pack out on the counter for silverware, napkins, condiments, etc.

  • Have mismatched napkins left from other events – Birthday, Easter and Christmas parties handy on every table.

  • Don't forget the menu -- a designed menu you can edit with your own dishes included with the mystery.

It’s time to booze it up! And, believe me, there are plenty of options

  • Boones Fine Wine
  • Your favorite 40s
  • Mad Dog 20/20
  • Lite Beer (cans, of course)
  • Killer trash can punch (see recipe here)
    • Serve in trash can for an authentic touch.
  • Jell-o shots
    • Consider lovely shades of lime green, electric raspberry, glow in the dark blue and school bus yellow.


  • For bottled or canned beverages, fill a kid-sized pool with ice and chill
    • Or make a fountain out of two or three pools!

  • Do you go mason jars? Or red solo cups? Or perhaps Redneck Wine Glasses (pictured below).
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